State Counsellor meets residents of Khamti, Lahe, Homalin townships

“Right now, we can’t call our country prosperous but there have been noticeable improvements. These developments may or may not have a uniform effect on all the states and regions. But our objective is for national development to bring equal benefit to everyone. We don’t want one place to be prospering while another place is struggling in poverty,” said the State Counsellor.

“There are many different ethnic races in Myanmar with diverse ideologies but this does not mean we cannot live in peace. It is crucial that we peacefully negotiate our different thoughts and ideas. Our Union Government does not believe in violence. We have always believed we can reach our goals through nonviolent means and have never attempted to use violence to achieve our objectives, nor will we ever. We will work hand-in-hand with the people to reach our destination by using peaceful approaches within the boundaries of existing laws,” said the State Counsellor.

“I want our ethnic brothers and sisters to adopt a similar mindset. I want everyone to head steadily towards their goals with hard work, wisdom, and perseverance. I wish to kindly request to foresee the unity of the nation in their future as they move forward peacefully. There are still a lot of development tasks left for the people. We cannot resolve this while holding on to grudges and dissatisfactions. Everyone needs to cooperate in resolving this including the people, civil servants, and government organizations.”